Apricot Rose Face Cream

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No changes have been made to this recipe other than the name.

This face cream is made with rose water, which has excellent soothing effects, can improve the condition of dry and aging skin, as well as cleanse, purify and tone skin, and reduce swelling and redness.

This face cream contains oils that are beneficial to your skin.  
~ Hazelnut oil has a toning and firming effect on the skin.  
~ Evening primrose oil is great for irritated skin.
~ Apricot kernel oil softens and moisturizes. 

This is a good cream for extra dry skin or for a night cream. This product comes packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid and over 2 ounces of cream. We've added silicone for skin protection and a tiny amount of fragrance oil to enhance the scent of the rose water.  

We suggest using this product within 6 months of purchase.