Big A** Bottle of Liquid Soap
Big A** Bottle of Liquid Soap

Big A** Bottle of Liquid Soap

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NOTE - the packaging from the picture has been updated. This round of liquid soap has been poured into a natural finish (frosted look) soft sided squeeze bottle. The 32 ounce has a non-dispensing cap and the 16 ounce has a small hole dispensing flip cap.

Our Big A** Bottle of Liquid Soap is a naturally derived surfactant blend. It's an all purpose soap and can be used in a multitude of ways:
- Put it in a pump bottle and use it as a hand soap
- Squirt some into the tub and use it as a bubble bath
- Put a bit in a foaming pump, add water and use as a foaming hand soap
- Wash your dishes
- Use as a body wash

This 32 ounces is truly a BIG A** bottle of soap! The 32 fluid ounce bottle holds 2 1/4 pounds of liquid soapy goodness.
The 16 ounce bottle is still a pretty big bottle of soap and weights around 18 ounces or just over a pound.

As you may know from previous batches, this isn't a consistent product in our line so snatch yours up before it's too late!

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