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Our Vegan Lip Tints are a lip moisturizer and color in one! Made with candellila wax instead of beeswax, our recipe goes on smooth and creamy. All of our lip tints contain flavor oil so they don't smell waxy either.

Baby Doll - a beautiful light pink with soft shimmers of golden mica
Cherry Bomb - a bright red transparent color with a look similar to a lip stain
Coven - an orange-copper color
Medusa - a darker shimmering brown
Outlaw - a sheer bright pink
Rebel - a rich dark purple
Scarlet - a medium to dark reddish burgundy with more of a matte finish
Vamped Up - a richer burgundy with less hints of brown
Voodoo Girl - a more pigmented version of Blush with brighter pink hues
Wink - a very light, shimmer pink