Chakra Roll On Aromas
Chakra Roll On Aromas

Chakra Roll On Aromas

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While we've developed our chakra roll ons to supplement and balance the concentrated points of energy in our bodies, they can also be used as an aromatic, natural perfume.

Root - Used for grounding and security. Unbalance can lead to self-neglect. Apply to the bottoms of the feet or base of the spine with the mantra “I am” or chant “Lam”

Sacral - Related to passion and desire, this blend is helpful to balance your ability to enjoy pleasure and embrace change. Apply to the lower abdomen with the mantra “I feel” or chant “Vam”

 Solar Plexus – Represents willpower and motivation. Imbalances can lead to compulsive tendencies. Apply to the lower back with the mantra “I do” or chant “Ram”

 Heart - Self-love and acceptance are signs of a balanced chakra. Jealousy and possessiveness are signs of unbalance. Apply to center of the chest with the mantra “I love” or chant “Yam”

Throat - For serenity, self-expression and good communication. An unbalanced chakra can lead to nervousness or self-neglect. Apply to the neck with the mantra “I speak” or chant “Ham”

Third Eye – Balancing this chakra leads to strong intuition and awareness. Avoid lack of direction or paranoia with this blend. Apply to the forehead with the mantra “I see” or chant “Om”

 Crown - Represents self-awareness, open mindedness and having spiritual connections. Unbalance can lead to negativity. Apply to the crown of the head with the mantra “I know”.

The Full Set comes in a box ready for gift giving. It includes one of each roll on, an informational postcard, a fun sticker and is sealed with our custom Chakra Roll On label.