Intense Lip Butter
Intense Lip Butter

Intense Lip Butter

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Ginger Mint
Naked (Unflavored)
Our intense lip butter is a creamy and luxurious way moisturize your lips. Lanolin and beeswax lock in moisture with other specialty oils like evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and more.

This product comes in a clear pot holding .32 ounces/9 grams of lip butter. It has a light scent and enough mica to color the product but not color your lips. 

Note - the NAKED version is unscented and doesn't contain mica but still has a faint aroma of lanolin and beeswax.

BERRY - a blend of huckleberry, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry
GINGER MINT - flavored with pure essential oils, when you first apply the Ginger Mint Intense Lip Butter, you smell (and feel!) the cooling peppermint which slowly mellows out to reveal the fresh ginger aroma.
NAKED - no added color or flavor, this product has a light "unscented" scent, that is it has a scent associated with the lanolin and beeswax in the product
ROSE - a unique flavor, this lip balm smells like roses, but not extremely pungent! It's very light and lovely.

Although most of our products are vegan, this product is NOT vegan.

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