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Roll On Perfume

Roll On Perfume

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Beautifully blended roll on perfumes infused with gemstones and botanicals for an extra special treat!

Alpha Moon – A light, smooth and calming aroma with various notes of musk and sensual florals. Infused with howlite to strengthen the memory and stimulate communication.

Bella Notte - A sweet floral scent with notes of jasmine, rose and lily. Infused with onyx, a powerfully protective stone and aids in emotional development.

Citrine Splash - Similar to our Citrus Splash scent, Citrine Splash is that same tart citrus aroma with extra juicy notes of stone fruit and blood orange. It's infused with citrine gemstones, influencing positive energy and reducing depression.

Jasper Wood - If you like Hinoki Wood, you'll love Jasper Wood! This aroma is just like the soap with an extra touch of cedar wood to lighten the sweet, incense notes. It's infused with jasper gemstones for protection and to diffuse negative energy.

 Lovesick - "Purple the sails, and so perfumed that The winds were lovesick with them" Taking cues from Antony and Cleopatra, our Lovesick perfume has fresh ocean notes of ozone and salt air mixed with the gentle aroma of roses. Infused with rose petals and rose quartz, the universal gemstone of love.

 Moss & Ember – Earthy and a bit sweet with touches of oak moss and smoky ash. Infused with tiny peridot giving the wearer a calming effect.

 Tahitian Gardenia - A lovely gardenia aroma with tropical notes of ocean air. Infused with jasmine buds and turquoise gemstones - a symbol of friendship.

Custom Roll On - we can also create a custom roll on for you. Maybe you've tried a scent in one of our other products and fell in love? Reach out to us and we can create a special roll on perfume just for you!



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